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At The Face Place in Baton Rouge, LA we want to help you achieve your best complexion possible. If you’re tired of your dull complexion and the fine lines around your eyes, a chemical peel might be just the answer you’ve been looking for. This procedure is designed to bring new life to your skin, restoring it to a more youthful appearance in just a few weeks. Before you try another over-the-counter treatment, find out how a chemical peel can help you.

Chemical Peels in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A chemical peel is a procedure that uses a chemical mix to penetrate the outer layers of your skin and cause a reaction that peels them away, revealing fresh new skin underneath. Depending on the condition of your skin, your provider will determine how deep of a peel you need and will set you up on a customized treatment plan to reach your skincare goals.


It is important to note that chemical peels are often referred to in terms of light, medium, and deep treatments. Light peels take less time and allow you to fully recover within days. Medium and deep peels use stronger chemicals to penetrate deeper into the skin’s layers, which also means you will have a longer recovery time. 

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Chemical peels are a multi-stage process that typically takes several weeks to reach your desired results, although the initial treatment can usually be done in the span of a lunch break. While deeper peels require more preparation, the application of the chemical product takes about the same amount of time. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

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Preparing For Your Procedure

Depending on the depth of the peel you’re going for, your doctor will give you specific instructions. In most cases, pain relievers are not needed, but for deeper peels, your doctor may prescribe you something in advance. Your instructions will also include several things to watch out for in the weeks leading up to your procedure, such as:

  • Reducing sun exposure for up to two weeks prior
  • Apply a retinoid cream to prepare your skin
  • Start taking antiviral medication to reduce risk of infection
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On the day of your procedure, you will arrive at your appointment a few minutes early to check-in. Your doctor will go over your medical history one more time and make sure that your skin is ready for the application process. Then, your doctor will take precautions to protect your eyes and hair before applying the specialized PRX chemical blend to your skin.

You will feel a slight stinging as the mixture is sponged onto your skin and left to sit. During this time, the affected layers will begin to whiten as the chemical works. After a few minutes, your doctor may apply a neutralizing agent or cool compresses to soothe the skin.

Immediately after your treatment, the doctor will apply petroleum jelly or another protectant to the area. This will help prevent damage to the area after you leave their office. You will notice that your skin is red and irritated where the chemical was applied, and it may take several days before you begin to notice the peeling action.

Your doctor will lay out a recovery plan that usually requires applying ointment several times a day and keeping the area clean for several weeks. In addition, they will schedule a follow-up to assess your progress after a few weeks.

The results you get from your peel will depend on your skin condition prior to the treatment and how closely you adhere to your doctor’s instructions during the recovery period. Remember, your new skin will be sensitive to sunlight, dirt, and anything you put on your face while it is healing. However, you can expect to see improved skin tone within just a few weeks after your treatment, and continual improvement if you seek additional skincare treatments.

If you undergo a medium or deep peel, it may take a few weeks for the swelling and redness to go down, and several months for your final results to appear. However, deep peels are known for making a dramatic difference in skin tone and texture.

Maintaining Your Results

After you’ve gone through the peel process, you will want to enhance your results by taking great care of your skin going forward. Fortunately, there are several additional treatment options designed to go above and beyond your initial treatment and continue improving your skin.

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LED therapy is one example of a procedure that can enhance results for those who have already done a chemical peel. Using specialized LED lights, your doctor can further target problem areas and enhance the glow of your newly revealed skin.

For those with acne, scarring, and dull complexion, a Salt facial is a great way to exfoliate and bring out the best results from your peel over time. This is a quick and simple procedure that you can have done to maintain the results of your peel long-term.

In addition to the procedures mentioned above, you will also want to make sure you’re adhering to a proper skincare routine at home. Regular moisturizer and sunscreen use will prevent new damage from occurring over the long run.

Peels are best for people with fine lines and mild age spots. This treatment can greatly reduce sun spots, dull complexion, and early signs of aging by removing old dead layers of skin and bringing out the new. For those who have deep lines around the mouth or deep scarring from acne, additional treatments may be recommended alongside a peel.


In addition, people with darker skin tones, pregnant women, and people on certain medications may be advised against a peel because the chemicals could cause permanent darkening of the skin.

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Schedule A Skincare Consultation

If you think a peel might be a good solution for you, the first step is to schedule a consultation with a dermatologist. They will look at your skin and assess what level of peel is appropriate to get you started and help create a customized treatment plan for all of your skincare needs. Contact us today at The Face Place in Baton Rouge, LA to schedule your consultation.