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Neurotoxins in Baton Rouge, LA

Your face is front and center; it’s the first thing people notice about you, so if expression lines have begun to define your face, it’s likely that they have also begun to affect your confidence level in your appearance. At The Face Place in Baton Rouge, LA, we have a solution that can erase wrinkles and improve your confidence during a single treatment session. We specialize in neurotoxin treatments, an advanced cosmetic service designed to smooth and rejuvenate your appearance. Neurotoxins, commonly known as neuromodulators, strategically relax facial muscles to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, enhancing your natural features with precision.

What Are Neurotoxins?

Neurotoxins are a revolutionary approach in the realm of cosmetic treatments, offering a refined solution to combat the signs of aging. On a scientific level, neurotoxins are purified proteins. You may have heard of the neurotoxin called botulinum toxin A, the active ingredient in Botox® and other neuromodulators like Dysport®, Xeomin®, and Jeuveau®. This highly purified protein provides a safe way to relax facial muscles and smooth lines and wrinkles. 


In layman’s terms, neurotoxins are anti-aging ingredients and, when administered in an injectable form, can improve the appearance by reducing and even eliminating wrinkles altogether. They can smooth the most common expression lines, including frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines.

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Benefits of Neurotoxins

Neurotoxins temporarily relax facial muscles, leading to a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This can result in a smoother, more youthful complexion that enhances facial aesthetics.

Regular use of neurotoxins can prevent the deepening of wrinkles over time, as they limit the muscle contractions that contribute to wrinkle formation. This preventive approach helps maintain a younger-looking appearance for longer.

Neurotoxin injections are non-surgical and involve minimal downtime, allowing patients to return to daily activities shortly after treatment. This convenience makes it an appealing option for those seeking quick aesthetic improvements without surgery.

Our Suite of Neurotoxins

Similar to other botulinum toxin products, Dysport is used to treat moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows. It is known for spreading a bit more than Botox, which can be beneficial in larger areas needing treatment.

Xeomin is unique because it contains only botulinum toxin type A and lacks any additives, which means there is less risk of developing antibodies against it. It’s used for the treatment of frown lines as well as other areas.

Botox is the first botulinum toxin approved by the FDA and is used for both cosmetic and therapeutic applications, including for treating crow’s feet and forehead lines. It generally takes about 24 to 72 hours for the effects of Botox to appear, with results lasting up to four months.

Jeuveau, approved by the FDA in 2019, is specifically designed for aesthetic use to treat severe frown lines. It is often promoted as a cost-effective alternative to Botox, with similar efficacy and duration of results.

The Treatment Process

Your Consultation

Scheduling a pre-treatment consultation before beginning the treatment process is important. To do this, we will evaluate your desired treatment areas and ask you some questions about your medical history. It’s important that you are not currently nursing, pregnant, or allergic to neurotoxins.

If you’ve ever experienced a treatment with a neuromodulator in the past and had a poor reaction, you must provide those details so that we know how to safely move forward with your treatment plan. If you want to treat multiple areas during one treatment, your consultation is the time to let us know so we can design your plan accordingly.

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After your consultation, we can schedule your treatment. The best way to prepare your body and skin for your injections is to avoid sunburn in the planned treatment area, drink plenty of water before your appointment, and temporarily discontinue anti-inflammatory medications and supplements. Blood thinning supplements and medications can negatively affect your results. You should also avoid alcohol consumption for at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Your Injections

On the day of your appointment, you won’t have to set aside a significant amount of time for your treatment. The entire treatment process takes 10 to 20 minutes. Anti-aging injectables with neurotoxins are also often referred to as lunchtime injectables since the treatment process is quick and doesn’t interrupt your daily routine.


To prepare your skin, we will ensure it is sanitized and then discuss applying a pre-treatment numbing cream. Most patients do not require a numbing solution, but we have it on hand for those who prefer it. Injections are quick, and after making some strategic injections into the muscles responsible for your expression lines, your treatment will be complete.

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You won’t have to prepare for downtime after your treatment and can resume most of your normal daily activities. However, you must be mindful of certain products, activities, and environments that could disrupt your results. Don’t plan any workouts for 24 hours after your appointment. Avoid sun exposure and anything that could increase your body temperature.


Continue to avoid alcohol and anti-inflammatory supplements and medications for at least another 24 hours. We will give you a thorough list of instructions so you don’t forget anything. All the aftercare instructions are only temporary, and you’ll be able to resume normal activities and medication or supplement routine within a few days.

After your treatment, you can expect results within two to seven days of your injections, depending on which product we use to smooth your lines and wrinkles. Your results will continue to improve for 30 days post-treatment. The neurotoxins take a few days to effectively relax your muscles, and when they take full effect, you’ll see expression lines soften. Your regular expressions will still be visible, just far less exaggerated.

Planning for Follow-Up Treatments

Once you achieve your results, you’ll see improvements in the appearance of your expression lines and enjoy smoother and younger-looking skin for three to six months. On average, results last approximately three to four months. As your body metabolizes the product, your expression lines will gradually reappear. At that point, you can schedule a follow-up treatment to maintain your results and combat expression lines long-term.

FAQs About Neurotoxins

Maintenance treatments are typically scheduled every three to six months. Regular treatments may lead to improved long-term results, including less frequent future treatments, as muscles can be trained to relax.

While many adults are eligible for neurotoxin treatments, they are not recommended for individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding or who have certain neurological diseases. It’s important for potential patients to discuss their medical history with us.

Most patients begin to see the effects of neuromodulators within three to five days, with the full impact visible in about two weeks. The treated areas will appear smoother and less wrinkled, enhancing your natural beauty without the need for surgery.

Restore Younger-Looking Skin With Neurotoxins in Baton Rouge, LA

At The Face Place in Baton Rouge, LA, we pride ourselves on offering cosmetic solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. We are extensively trained in the latest neuromodulator treatments, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care.


Adding wrinkle-relaxing injectables to your anti-aging treatment plan will significantly improve how your complexion looks and your confidence levels. We will custom-tailor a treatment plan to help you get the upper hand on the aging process and restore your youthful-looking skin.  Contact us today at The Face Place in Baton Rouge, LA, to schedule your consultation. You can reach out online or call (504) 432-6370 and take the first step toward a rejuvenated you.

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